Recipients of SSAI & ACTA awards

ACTA foundation award:



Recipient and lecture title

Reykjavik 2015 Prof. Anders Perner – Trials and Tribulations with “Industry”
Turku 2013 Dr. Lars I. Eriksen – Basic and clinical science in neuromuscular block
Bergen 2011 Prof. Ville Pettila – Success factors in large scale cooperation in medical research.
Odense 2009 Dr. Kaare Christensen – Does ageing effect anaesthesiologist?
Gothenburg 2007 Prof. John Severinghaus – Oxygen
Reykjavik 2005  


SSAI Åsmund Lærdal lecture

(in collaboration with the Laerdalfoundation) :



Recipient and lecture title

Reykjavik 2015 Prof. Jean-Louis Vincent – Patient Safety is a Matter of our Heart
Turku 2013 Dr. David K Menon – Linking pathophysiology, tissue fate, and outcomes in TBI
Bergen 2011 Prof. Charles Gomersall – The importance of education for safe practice of anaesthesia and intensive care
Odense 2009 Dr. D. Østergaard – Education and patient safety
Gothenburg 2007 Dr. Marét Castren –
Reykjavik 2005 at this congress the lecture was not given
Helsinki 2003 Dr. Jerry Nolan – Advances in CPR
Tromsø 2001 Prof. Lance Becker – The opportunity of  hypothermia
Århus 1999 Dr. Chris Grande – Advances in Trauma Care
Stockholm 1997 At this congress the support was as an exemption used to cover the costs of a panel   discussion on ethics of resuscitation (Advanced medical care – at all costs?)
Reykjavik 1995 Dr. Brendan Finucane – The difficult airway
Kuopi 1993 Prof. Mads Gilbert – Caring humanism and continuous struggle against premature death and suffering
Trondheim 1991 Prof. Peter Safar – Advances in Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation


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The mission of SSAI is to promote safe, modern and effective care for our patients.

In SSAI the five Nordic nations with shared values and preferences, work together to harmonize the work of the five national societies, based on high Nordic ambitions and expectations in health care and our specialties.

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